S2E3 – 3 Important Steps To Prep For Your Morning

Do you feel ready for your day when you wake up?

3 Steps To Prep For Your Morning

3 years ago I can remember waking up and always feeling like I was always unsure of what I needed to get done that day.

I know I had an idea, but I was never sure about anything.

Fast forward to today and my mornings look completely different.

I’m not sure if it was having kids or if it was just growing up, but there are three steps that I try to follow to ensure to make sure I’m ready and focused for the coming day.

3 Important Steps We Discuss

  1.  Review Your Calendar – This has been huge. If you need something done, put it on your calendar.

    Have a meeting, need to let the dog out, need to make a call, need to pick up the kids or need to renew the insurance on the car, put it on the calendar.

    If you do not block off time for it, chances are it will be forgotten and not done.

    Personally, my wife and I use Google Calendar as our preferred tool to balance our work schedules, personal schedules and the kids schedules together and plan things accordingly the night before.

    Having your day planned out ahead of time will allow you to prep your clothes and food correctly the night before saving you time and brainpower the next day.

  2. Get Energy – You need sleep and you need exercise.Getting a good night’s sleep is very important, but getting exercise along with it is a powerful one-two punch to any grogginess you might have at the beginning of your day.

    It’s no secret that exercise awakens your body and gets you ready for the day.The ironic thing is that morning exercise has also been shown to actually improve sleep.

    Who would have thunk it?

  3. Prep Your Launchpad – I can’t take credit for this one… my wife introduced it to me.

    Here’s the thing, you have your day on your calendar already planned out, so have consistent assigned places for everything you need for the coming day.

    Have an assigned place for your clothes (even kids clothes if applicable), your work bag (briefcase, man-purse, etc) and your lunch (also if applicable).

    This will save you so much time and brainpower in the morning, you are going to thank me for it.

    When I have done this correctly, I save at least an hour every single week doing this one thing.

    Just imagine truly being able to focus on the important things right away in the morning and not be mentally bogged down by wondering where your socks are.

    It is so freeing, you just have to do some prep the night before.

What steps do you take to feel productive and focused in the morning?

S2E2 – Prepping For Your Day Part 2

Do you find yourself scrambling to quick scarf something down for breakfast before you have to leave?

Prepping For Your Day

Like most working people today, you find yourself rushed in the morning trying to get ready for your day.

Sometimes, there will be things that you need to take care of that you cannot plan, but there are some morning tasks that you can always need to happen.

Last week we talked about prepping your clothes the night before. This week we talk about prepping your meals the night before.

Doing the simple steps that we lay out in this podcast can help save you time, eat healthier and help you focus on more important things for your day.

It’s a win, win, win situation.

Resources In This Episode

S2E1 – Be Productive With Your Clothes

What is one thing you can get ready for every day the night before?
Your clothes.
Be Productive With Your Clothes
When it comes to your morning activities, you want to avoid as many setbacks as possible.
You need it to run smoothly as possible, especially with getting two kids ready every morning.
You do not have a lot of wiggle room.
One issue that I never really addressed until recently, was getting my clothes ready the night before.
However, once I started to be intentional with prepping for the next day, I discovered that laying out your clothes (and your kids clothes) out ahead of time significantly helps with starting your morning off right.

Why This Helps

When you take the time to get ready and lay out your clothes the night before, you know that when you wake up the next day, you can just put your clothes on effortlessly.

It also lets you go to bed in peace, knowing that when you wake up you will be ready.

Additionally, you will not find yourself scrambling looking for clothes for yourself or your kids, which can save significant time to focus on the things that you truly need to get done.


Set yourself up for success by setting your clothes out the night before.

S1E4 – Identifying That One Thing To Be More Productive

Do you struggle to achieve all of the goals you set out to accomplish?

Identifying That One Thing To Be More Productive

You are not alone.

If we were all honest, we all experience resistance to achieving the goals that we set for our lives.

Anything that has value to ourselves and others always seems to have this characteristic.

However, there is one thing that you can implement right away to keep you making progress.

It’s identifying your Push goal.

I did not come up with this by myself, but Chalene Johnson did in her book Push.

The idea is to identify the one goal out of all your goals that if you were to accomplish it, it would make all of the other ones easier.

This is something, I have implemented this year and have seen some great results from it already.

I highly recommend you implement this into your own life, however, I want to take it a bit further.

The Next Step

Similarly, think of what you do to be more productive. 

Now, think about what is that one thing that if you were to do it consistently, it would make you extremely productive.

Focus on that.

It will cause you to be more productive in your work, which will help you achieve your Push goal, which will in turn help you achieve all of your goals.

It’s kind of a chain reaction.

  1. Identify and strive to achieve your Push goal.
  2. Identify and implement your primary productivity trick/tool that can help you accomplish that.

Applying this strategy to your life can help you immensely as you work to achieve what you want to accomplish.

Things Mentioned In The Podcast

S1E3 – 4 Ways To Find More Time In Your Day

How many of you have woke up in the morning only to feel like you didn’t have enough time in the day to complete things?

4 Ways To Find More Time In Your Day

How many of you go to bed at night feeling like you didn’t accomplish enough?

Often times I found myself with these feelings.

The problem is that this mindset already sets you up to be unproductive.

If you wake up in the morning feeling like you do not have enough time in your day, you already have defeated yourself.

This is a mindset of scarcity.

This negative thinking will never help you achieve the things you want and need to get done throughout the day.

What you need is a mindset of abundance.

In this episode, we talk about switching your mindset to starting your day with gratitude towards life.

This helps start your day on a positive note by being appreciative of another chance to do great things.

Then we take a look at 4 things you can do to get more time back in your day (pretty much immediately).

  • Start your day off right. Wake up earlier.
  • Put the known event and tasks on your calendar
  • Schedule your time for the tasks you need to do. Then do them.
  • Remove the non-important. (Hint: A good portion of this involves TV)

If you implement these 4 steps that we talk about, you will have more time in your life to pursue the things that you care about and that matter.

Items Mentioned In This Episode

S1E2: Efficient Vs Effective

In continuing the series on getting in the right mindset to be more productive, today’s episode discusses becoming effective first before efficient.

S1E2 Efficient Versus Effective

In a world that is always looking to do things quicker, we can sometimes sacrifice being effective to save time.

You can maybe think of a situation in your own life where you cut a corner on an important task and you ended up having to go back and redo the task the right way.

This will never stop happening, but if we focus on doing something right the first time, it can save us a lot of headache in the end.

Planning Versus Doing

Another way this can show up is when we focus on planning/organizing all the time and we neglect to actually do the work.

I have been guilty of doing such things where I created many plans or organized things to help me accomplish tasks, but never actually did the work.

In other words I was focused on being efficient (planning), but failed at being effective because I never saw it through.

In your pursuit to see your goals accomplished, focus on being effective first and then efficient.

Trust me, in the end you will thank yourself for all of the extra troubles you will have avoided.

What is something you need to do to be better at being effective? 

S1E1: Know Your Why

Many people like to focus on different task apps and systems to have in place when it comes to productivity.

I do believe the having good productivity apps is important, but ultimately it’s about having the right mindset before you start utilizing different tools.


One of the biggest ways I have used my mindset to be more productive, is to know my “why”.

It’s one thing to set goals, it’s another thing to actually do them. The problem is that there is always that messy middle of actually accomplishing them.

It’s the time that where you lose motivation and doubt yourself.

However, if you have written down the reasons “why” you want to accomplish those goals, you can go back and reread those reasons to remind yourself why you need to keep pressing forward.

Therefore, knowing your “why” is one of the primary components of being productive.

That is why I wanted to restart the podcast with this episode and series first.

I wanted to stress the importance of getting your most important tool (the space between your two ears) right first, before talking about tips and hacks that will help you be more productive.

Below is the outline for the podcast.

  • Welcome
  • 2015 is upon us
    • Goals
    • Goal of Productivity
  • Our mind set on Productivity is so important
    • What is happening between our own two ears?
    • We need to have a mindset of gratitude
      • Instead of being down on yourself, stay positive
      • You live in one of the best place to live in the world
      • Think abundantly
  • Tough times will come and you are going to need your “Why”
    • Previously, I was missing my “Why”
    • Everyone experiences the Messy Middle
  • Be sure to develop your “Why” for the goals you have


 What is your “why”? What are the things you have in place to keep you moving forward?

S1E0 – What Is 168 Opportunities?

Thank you so much for taking the time to come thank you so much for taking the time to check out 168 Opportunities and the 168 Opportunities podcast.

168 opportunity stands for the fact you have hundred and 168 hours every single week.

168 Opportunities Podcast

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live oh what your life is like, we all have the same amount of time every week.

So the question is what are you doing with that time?

In this episode of the 168 opportunities podcast, I explain where this concept came from, who I am and what you can expect for me going forward.

This isn’t the first time this podcast/website has been used, But recently I took a break to refocus what this is all about.

Moving forward 168 Opportunities will be primarily focused on helping busy professionals get the work they want accomplished while still having a life.

Please join me on this adventure as we both learn how to maximize the time we have to keep reaching for our dreams while doing our best to not sacrifice relationships in the process.

This is going to be fun and at the same time very important.

Items Discussed In This Episode

  • What is 168 Opportunities all about?
  • Who am I (Peder Aadahl)?
  • My story
  • What you can expect from 168 Opportunities moving forward


168 Opportunities Returning in March

It has been a long time coming, but I am happy to say that in the month of March 168 Opportunities will be returning.

I have been hard at work to be ready to relaunch my podcast and website.

Although there is still work to be done, I am happy to say that I now have 2 months worth of podcasts already recorded and a true direction for 168 Opportunities.

Moving forward, I will be focused on productivity.

Being productive is something that should be strived for, but it should be pursed in a way that doesn’t always have you doing more work.

Ultimately, it should be to help you get the things done you need (and want) to do, so that you can enjoy doing things that you love and spend time in the relationships you care about.

This was the main reason why I started 168 Opportunities in the first place and I want to get back to that.

My goal is to equip you with the mindset, tools, encouragement and other resources to help you be productive in your personal and professional life, while making sure to keep your family a priority.

I hope you join me as we strive to maximize the 168 Opportunities (or hours) we have every single week.