Episode 062: Taking Your Gifts And Turning Them Into A Business With Matt Paulson


Have you wondered how you can take your gifts and turn them into a business?

Using Your Gifts in a Business

For the 62nd episode of the 168 Opportunities podcast I am very blessed to have online business consultant Matt Paulson join me as we start the process of doing just that.

Matt Paulson is an amazing entrepreneur who has developed a great knack for using his gifts online to help others in a very profitable manner. I interviewed him back in the end of 2012 when he quit his full time job to work on his online businesses and have watched how he has only made his businesses even more profitable since then.

However, I reached out to him 2 months ago to pick his mind about some new business ideas I had.

Through our conversations, we realized that the process of vetting a good business idea was something that everyone (especially you as the listener) could benefit from. It was through our meetings that we thought it would be a great idea to have a continuing series of Matt guiding me through this process on the podcast.

It only seemed like this would be a win, win win situation and a no brainer to do.

The Research Phase Of Finding A Niche To Work With

In this episode Matt helps ask me the difficult questions that anyone needs to ask in working on creating a service or product for a profitable niche.

There were many times I fumbled at the answers, but it was all the more important for him to ask me these questions. I was challenged in many ways and we discussed some great points on finding an industry that showcased signs of being profitable.

This discussion and ones that we will have moving forward, should be very insightful for anyone who is trying to build a profitable, online business with knowledge and gifts they have.

How To Quickly Improve Your Mobile Presence

If there is one thing that is becoming a pet peeve of mine, it is the failure to have a mobile presence.

I do not care what industry you are in, one of the biggest improvements you can do for your brand is have a good mobile presence.

How to improve your mobile presence quickly

I know that there are still some people out there who do not have a smartphone, but even most of those people have a tablet.

And yet so many brands put mobile websites on the back burner.


Even in industries like construction, the rise of mobile and tablet traffic has increased dramatically.

And this trend is only going to continue, especially as even more new devices hit the market like Google Glass or even smart Refrigerators.

You can’t rely on only having a desktop version of your site anymore. You have to embrace mobile.

How To Use Shutterstock Photography In Facebook For Free

Back in August 2013, Facebook announced that they would be working with Shutterstock to provide stock photography for Facebook advertising.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 10.21.49 PM

However, there has not been much talk about it since it was announced.

Since this option seems to be available to everyone, I would like to clear the air on this and show you how to take advantage of this.

Episode 061: The Power of Pinterest With Cynthia Sanchez


Are you using Pinterest to its full potential?

One of the big predictions for 2014 is that Pinterest will become the second most referring source of traffic in Social Media.  With that in mind, do you feel like you are using Pinterest wisely?

I know that there are many things that I need to work on.

So, in this podcast I am very honored to interview Cynthia Sanchez from OhSoPinteresting.com as she provides some amazing insight into Pinterest and how it can help you spread your message online.

Cynthia Sanchez

If you have never heard of Cynthia before, where have been living?

Ever since the beginning of 2013, Cynthia has been crushing it online as she has built up her brand through her blog, podcast and workshops.

Additionally, she has made several public speeches at conferences like New Media Xpo and Social Media Marketing World on the what Pinterest can do for brands online.

She truly has become a master of her craft in such a short amount of time.

Thankfully, Cynthia was happy to come on the show and talk about the amazing benefits of utilizing Pinterest.  Besides hearing about some amazing statistics, we also explored the current capabilities and future for the social platform in 2014.

Exciting stuff!

So be sure to listen.

Episode 060: The Power Of Email Marketing


In today’s online marketing world, never underestimate the power of an email list.

Many people may be concerned about the future of email as it seems the younger generations use it less and less and sometimes claim to never even have one. So this begs the question of is an Email List still valuable for the future?

The Power of an Email List

In this podcast we answer that question as we discuss the power of email marketing for your brand or business.

Don’t Let Facebook Advertising Be Difficult

Facebook advertising can seem overwhelming.

First you have to understand how to get into your ad account, setup your first campaign, figure out what ad works best and then lets not forget how to best optimize the targeting options Facebook gives you.

But even before you get into that, why should you use Facebook advertising?

Great question.

Episode 059: 10 Statistics Why You Should Be Using Facebook Advertising


Where can you find your target audience online?

More than likely, you can find a following on Facebook, especially if you are a B2C business.

Facebook Advertising Statistics

In this podcast we take a look at 10 Facebook statistics that showcase the amount of Facebook’s reach and the wealth of information it has accumulated on its users.

Why is this important?

Glad you asked.

Episode 058: Instructions On Starting Your Content Calendar [Podcast]


This podcast had to be recorded on the road, but I was determined to publish one. Last week I had eluded to talking about content calendar creation and I wanted to stay true to my word.

Content Calendar Creation

This episode will walk you through the questions that you should ask yourself that will help you create your very own content calendar. Additionally, they should help give you focus in staying on track and hopefully not get burnt out.

Besides that, I discuss why I had to record on the road due to being stuck in Cancun and also having all of my sites become hacked.

It was an interesting week.

Here are the questions that I go over in the podcast for creating your own content calendar.

Episode 057: Growing Organic Reach on Facebook And Understanding The Readability Score of Your Content


Episode 057 was a very exciting episode to release as #60 is coming up very quickly. I have to admit, I’ve been longing to get out of the 50′s for a while. And from what my dad tells me the 60′s were a much better.


In this episode, I talk about a great strategy to use for boosting engagement on your Facebook page, gauging the readability of your site’s content and using some great background noise tools to increase your writing and productivity.

Episode 056: Where Social Media and Online Marketing Are Heading In 2014


2013 has seen many changes in the online marketing world, but now tha year is behind us and we are moving onto a new year with new opportunities and of course new changes.

2014 Online Marketing Forecast

However, seeing what has changed in the past along with what recent trends are telling us, we can make some predictions of what 2014 will bring.

Recently, Social Media Examiner released a great article on 11 predictions for 2014 Online Marketing. In this podcast we go over these predictions along with some of my own as having been an online marketing strategist for 2013.

Even if you do not believe in the some of these predictions, I hope it sparks your mindset on being ready for some of the changes that may come.

Items Discussed In This Podcast

  • Will there be a resurgence of even more ads online?
  • Will employers embrace employees acting as advocates?
  • Facebook changes and what they mean for the future.
  • The necessity for Paid advertising, especially through Social Media
  • Other forms of network building outside of email.
  • The exciting possibilities with interactive video and podcasting
  • Being more social over just pushing out content
  • Paid Advertising will be a must.
  • The concept of content marketing will become an all time high.

Items Mentioned In This Podcast

Whatever 2014 holds, be diligent in your producing of content and engaging with others. Those two things will never change.