094 – 5 Background Music Sites That Will Help Keep You Focused

For many of us we suffer from some sort of Attention Deficit Disorder where we can get disctracted very easily.

5 Music Backgorund Sites That Help You Focus

So in a world where you need to focus get stuff done, becoming easily distracted is not a good trait to have.

Thankfully, I found 5 websites that can help you stay focused on what needs to get accomplished by using background music/noise to quiet your distracted mind.

This may sound completely crazy, but I have had many individuals thank me greatly for telling them about these websites.

  1. Brain.fm – The website is in Beta, but the creator behind asks you a series of questions that help create a playlist to help you focus for whatever mood you are in.
  2. rainymood.com – For those of us that like the sound of the rain (aka me), this is a website that plays the same rain track over and over again. However, it never gets old and if you continue to do work with it, you will begin to somehow just focus right away was soon as you hear the first raindrops coming down.
  3. Coffitivity.com – I do not use this site very much, but Coffitivity does a great job of providing tracks of a coffee shop background that come people truly prefer. If you work alone, sometimes it can be nice to get the noise of others around you even if you are just in your pj’s sitting at the computer at 2 am.
  4. Noisli.com – I need to meet the founder of this site as they created a background nature music tool that allows you to mix your own personal nature sound. Want to hear the leaves blowing while also hearing the cracking of a fire, why not? Noisli can help you with that.
  5. Calm.com – This is maybe more of a relaxing, ambient music site, but at times when your day can get extremely crazy, this website can help you relax fro a little bit, before jumping into the grind again.
  6. FocusAtWill.com – This is one of my most relied background music tools as they have options for everyone. They truly embrace the science of creating the right tracks to help keep you focused, while understanding that it is not the same for everyone.

093 – Three Tips To Stay Connected With Your Spouse

With it being February, I thought it would be fitting to do a quick podcast on som tips to help you stay connected to your spouse or significant other for that fact.

3 Tips To Stay Connected To Your Spouse

Often times when you are working hard at something, you can become distracted and your spouse/family may get left behind in some cases.

You may not be anywhere near becoming divorced, but without conscious awareness of how your mate feels, you may slowly start down that trajectory.

091 – What To Start Doing Right Away When Building Your Email List

If I could go back in time I would tell myself to focus on growing my email list more and takeing better care of them.

Building An Email List

Hindsight is always 20/20, but one of the best ways I could have taken better care of them was to be better at segmenting my list.

In this episode I talk through a specific strategy of utilizing hidden fields to help gather more information to be able to provide better value and to help in assisting with future sales.

The two platforms that I discuss heavily are Click Funnels and LeadPages.

090 – Fun Friday: A Quick Message of Thanks and Encouragement

This was a short and sweet message.

But I wanted to say thank you to all of  the listeners as this was the first week where I published 5 podcast episodes.

A Message Of Thanks

It has been difficult, but also a ton of fun too.

But most of all I wanted to encourage you to work hard, but to also play hard.

I hope you take time yourself to do the same with your family and friends too.

Cheers, until next week.

– Peder

089 – 5 Sites That Will Help You Find And Design Amazing Images

And The Best Part Is That They're Free

When it comes to finding and designing pictures for either your blog or social media, it can be a real chore.

5 Free Design sites

Even if you know design or photoshop, to me the process just takes too long to do.

Back in the day choosing a designing a picture would take hours. And I hated it.

I was spending my hours (opportunities) in life on designing a photo…. not cool.

Thankfully that has greatly changed within the last 6 months.

The Sites I Use

In today’s episode I talk about 5 sites that will take a lot of headache out of your life especially if you struggle with photography and/or design.

088 – How To Stop Spending Money Targeting People Not Within Your Target Audience

Become More Focused With Your Advertising

When it comes to your advertising (especially paid), many times you can run into issues where it seems like your efforts just never produce the results you are looking for.

Stop Spending Money Targeting The Wrong People

Many people tend to get frustrated and move on to a different strategy, but I want to challenge you on this idea.

Personally, I have had experience that optimizing poor performing campaigns can end up finding a breakthrough that leads to great results.

In this episode, I go through the different aspects to check in your campaigns to see if you can improve the performance of your advertising.

087 – Should You Be On All Of The Social Media Channels?

4 Steps To Help You Decide Where To Invest Your Time & Effort

In this episode, I answer the question of “should I be on all of the social media channels?”

This is a great business question, as many people struggle with the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

Should I be On All Of the Social Media Profiles #087

A great example of this is when the relaunch of Myspace happened.

I personally updated my profile, but in all reality, that was not what I should have been focused on at the time.

My target audience was not on MySpace and it ended up being more of a distraction to me similar to what Facebook can be like today. I ended up losing momentum in a critical time of my life.

Ultimately, the launch of MySpace was kind of a flop in the end anyways.

4 Tips To Keep You On The Right Platform

Maybe you can relate. 

086 – New Podcast Format for 2016

And A Surprise Announcement

In the past w months my wife and I have been processing a lot of things…

One of those is the fact that we are pregnant.

On top of that I have been getting over the shingles, which has caused our family to be separated from each other.

Then during the middle of all of that, we had a pipe burst, which has ushered in a bunch of complicated repairs that need to take place…..

The start Of Something New #086

It’s been a little crazy.

Moving Forward

However, through this process I have had some time to process how I want to move forward with 168 Opportunites.