085 – How Square Can Help You Start Your Business – Review

It's A More Powerful Tool Than You Think

As your business grows and you continually need to figure out how to accept payments from your customers, do not for get to look at Square.

The Power Of Square

Whether you need to accept credit card payments from someone in person and/or also keep track of other purchases that have been made, Square is a great mobile tool to “literally” have in your back pocket.

To give you an idea of its capabilities, here are some great examples of how it could be used.

084 – Staying Positive and Quitting Trying

It's Time To Start Doing

This is a very exciting episode for me as I am now halfway in my podcast recording to episode 168. This has been an amazing journey, but I have learned some lessons in the past 4 years that I need to work on.

Stay Positive Quit Trying

Since this is a rather monumental episode (at least for me) I discuss how I have come to understand how I have struggled with the “trying” bug for the last 9 years of my life.

Maybe you know what I’m talking about.

You state that you will “try” to make that deadline or appointment, but in reality you have given yourself a way out.

Stating that you “will try” to do something allows you to internally provide yourself with an exit strategy.

You will often find yourself rationalizing skipping something because you said you would “try”. After all you “did try”.

However, at the end of the day it really is just a way for you to not commit to something.

168TV 001 – How To Use A Content Funnel For Your Business

When it come to the content on your site, one thing that you may not fully realize is the value that it can bring to your brand.

Many people know that creating content for your site is very important, but few understand how it can help you.

As a way to showcase this, I created this video to explain how you can use a content funnel as a way to help grow your list, build trust and eventually sell your services/products.

083 – WordPress vs Squarespace

Which Is Better?

If you have a looking to build a website or have had a WordPress website for a long time like me, you know that building a site can take a lot of time.

Squarespace Vs WordPress

Recently, my wife needed to create a site for herself where she would be selling her artwork from. I had to pause and really think about her trying to figure out how to use the backend of a CMS system to update and create listings for her products.

At the end of the day, I chose Squarespace over WordPress for her.

This podcast walks through the benefits of both of these platforms and why I still use WordPress here and Squarespace for my wife.

082 – 10 Important Lessons Learned In 30 Years

Recently I left my 20’s behind and am now enjoying my first year in my 30’s.

10 Lesson Learned In 30 Years

Even though 30 years is a long time (and it is), I still realize that I have the majority of my life ahead of me, but I have learned some important lessons along the way.

I am not perfect in any of these lessons, but I know that there is great value in them.

Whether you are younger or older there are important truths from these lessons that will last a long time. My hope is that you are able to take something of value from them.

081 – Why I Do What I Do (Updated)

I realize that it has been a while since I shared the story behind 168 Opportunities.

168 Opportunities Podcast

As more and more people have been finding out about me and/or meeting me in person, I thought it fitting to have an episode dedicated to explaining how all of this started.

Even if you know my story already, this is an episode that will challenge you to ask yourself “why am I doing what I am doing”.

I just going to leave it there and encourage you to listen to the podcast.

077-7 Ways To Use Google Analytics To Grow Your Business

When you are growing your brand, you want to know what is working and what isn’t?

Your website (which is a part of your brand) should be no different.

Using Google Analytics To Grow Your Business

Thankfully, anyone can use Google Analytics on their website to measure what traffic is doing on their site.

One of the best part of Google Analytics is that it is free and no cost to anyone, however it is a bit complicated to navigate and understand for beginners.

Do not let that stop you from using it.

In this episode I explain 7 ways how you can use Google Analytics to better understand what your visitors are doing on your site and where they are coming from.

What is Discussed in the Podcast

  • How to set up Google Analytics
  • How to find where your website traffic is coming from
  • How to discover what content on your site is bringing in Google searches
  • How to see what websites are linking to you
  • And much more

Items Mentioned

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