017 – How Do You Manage Your Time


My life has been very crazy with a new little guy in the house and he can be a little fussy at times.  I love that 3 week old boy, but it has definitely been an adjustment. I have had to spend my time differently then I used to and it can be frustrating when things just do not go according to plan.  Which is all of the time.

How do you manage your time


I needed to take a step back and reassess the situation. I learned many things in the process.

In this podcast, I discuss the importance of laying out your work week and allowing for unseen circumstances. A wonderful resource I discuss on how to manage your time is Michael Hyatt’s blog and podcast.

Recently he did a post called How to Create More Margin in Your Life and he shares how he is able to structure his week so he is able to accomplish what he needs to and how you can manage your time.

He was grateful enough to share his template for structuring his work week and you can download his template on the post. He does a wonderful job of walking you through the steps that he outlines to help you focus on creating more margin. Be sure to check it out.

Be sure to check out his book Platform How to Get Noticed in a Noisy World which is a book that will help anyone trying to grow their brand, personal brand, or whatever message they want to share.  You can get a hold of his book here.



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I’m Fine Thanks

I am happy to announce that the exciting Documentary “I’m Fine Thanks” was a major success on Kickstarter and broke the record for most backers of any Documentary.  I am happy to say I was one of them.

Excited to see where this all leads!

How do you manage your time? What are some of the most time consuming challenges that you face in your week?


Hang in there buddy! Life with a new child is full of curve balls. My strategy has been to try to identify "pockets" - times of day when I can accomplish some goal and then relax and just let myself sort of flow with family / other obligations at the other times of day. The fixed schedule has never worked since things tend to come up - baby has a bad night, need to do extra family stuff etc etc. My best pocket is early morning, before the family is awake. I also try to work on personal stuff in the late evening after the toddler is down. The only downside of that is the temptation to stay up late, cutting into the morning time which tends to be more productive. A really short pocket is over lunchtime, but 1 hour blazes by so fast I have to plan those well in advance to get something out of them. That's just how I do it, I'm sure there are lots of strategies that work. 


Good to hear the little man is gaining weight and healthy!


I haven't listened to the podcast yet but I read your show notes. That Ideal week organizer by Michael Hyatt is so cool!! As your wife, assistant, and manager, :) I can't wait to see your ideal week, Peder! Thanks for sharing this valuable info and I look forward to listening to your podcast when it isn't 4 am. :) love you!


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